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This journal is gradually becoming friends only. Comment to be added, blah blah... I'm in the process of slooowly locking a bunch of old entries, if only because I'm paranoid and have no idea who's reading about my magical exploits with bus stop perverts and sea penises cucumbers. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT KIND OF EVIL LURKS BEHIND THE F-LOCK. LIKE...RANDOM VOICE POSTS AND STUFF. PERSONAL STUFF. And anyway, maybe this way I'll be all mysterious~ and enigmatic~ instead of just a brain-dead cheeseflake. (Or not.)

Okay, I know this journal is a mess. There are no memories and the tags don't make any sense. Here, I'll make things slightly easier to navigate:


That includes all the snippets that I post in this journal. For a more organized look at my translations, with the crap cut out and links to things posted in comms, check out the MASTER LIST.

And here are some of my other fannish posts that may be relevant to your interests, in no particular order:

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Saiyuki which is exactly as the title says
Hanasakeru Seishonen rant/review/making fun of the heroine's love affair with a leopard
an analysis of ethnic/national stereotypes in animanga
3rd Division Symbolism (Bleach) which is about foxes and snakes and vaginal underworlds, oh my!
LOL @ BL Games, with much snark directed at Hanamachi Monogatari and Kichiku Megane
links to my weepingcock posts because you totally needed more snark

Master List of Translations
...Excluding the horrendous crap, of course. Like teeny snippets that I don't feel like hunting down. These are all full chapters, full short stories, or at least giant in-progress chunks from a chapter that I intend to complete. Some may be rough/unedited, and if I ever get around to fixing them, the link to the rough version will come down and be replaced by the better stuff.

Hooray, organization!Collapse )

Phoenix Nirvana: Casually Sexist Shangri-la. Also, torture porn.
I'm pretty much not on LJ anymore, so feel free to ignore this post. It's like LJ is just here to be the dumping ground for the fuckton of vitriol I need to spew every once in a while. Archaeologists in the future will be digging up our ancient civilization and they'll come across my vitriol and be like, whoa, that is an entire metric ton of hate. Check it out. Weigh it on the scale. Yup. One whole fuckton of fossilized passionate loathing. Put it next to the fossilized pizza.

Anyway... Lemme rant about this shitty drama...Collapse )

"Kyou Kara Maou?!" is complete. FINALLY.
I know, I totally slacked off / bit off more than I could chew. But yeah, I finally got around to finishing up the translations for the second part of that first monster-story, and I fixed some things in the first part, too. Anyway, THE NOVEL IS NOW COMPLETE.

Here are the links:

The Maou's Harem (part 1)
The Maou's Harem (part 2) *new*
Because We're Young
Lost Flower
The Name of the Star
Losing One's Most Important Person

As always, I'm using the Chinese version; I've tried to dissect some puns by researching Japanese with WWJDIC. Let me know if there are mistakes. :3

Will x-post to comms shortly...

KKM short story, "No Lid"
I'm not exactly sure where this short story is from, but the Chinese version that I read said that it was an appendix in vol. 2 of the manga. It takes place on the ship before the sailor-fuku pirates attack. Yuuri has a misunderstanding, and Conrad is an epic troll.

OMG I love Troll-radCollapse )

ETA: la_prime was kind enough to confirm that the story was indeed included in the 2nd volume of the manga. There is an official English translation here: http://imgur.com/a/CVXOB

crackpot theories of symbolism surrounding the 3rd division
kondo is a woman
I blame my English teachers. They told me to dig deeper; dig until I find the sauerkraut in the chocolate cake. See, now I can’t read anything without my mind automatically searching for the nasty secret ingredients. I can’t even read trashy manga without putting it under the fine microscope of armchair psychology. (Freud would be proud, but I prefer Jung. Archetypes are delish.)

I also blame my Asian lit professor, who taught me all the good stuff about the spooge gods of Japan. And thus I turn my analytical skills to Bleach...

Ichimaru Gin is a fucking goddess avatar, okay? There, I said it.Collapse )

So. In this here 3rd division, we’ve got a captain who’s an amalgamation of 3 goddesses and their animal messengers, and his lieutenant who is, like, maybe the really gloomy personification of Yomi, which happens to be ruled by one of those goddesses. IDK, it all made sense in my head.

For science!




and so i will go down with this ship
zura is mario
This is that one ship manifesto that I wrote last summer but never posted because I went all POAIDSJFSL;KDN;. I guess I'll share it now because it's Valentine's Day and... yeah. Ahem. Anyway, you should board this ship with me because I'm awesome and my ships are awesome and you want to follow me and be my minions we get to wear pirate cosplay.


[translation] Because We're Young
bad joke
Because We're Young

^Click on it!

Chapter 2 of Kyou Kara Maou?! is complete! It could still do with some editing/formatting/whatev, but the translation-y parts are about as done as they'll ever be x_X;

That means I've only got a little more to go on chapter 1 before the ENTIRE NOVEL is done! Whoo~ Exciting, right? I started working on this novel last October, and I'm *finally* finishing up now. So it's been almost a year. Yeesh. I really should start working on having a schedule for translation work, or I just keep forgetting to sit down and work on it.

Anyway~ I thought this one was quite MuraYuu-ish in the beginning, and then very ConYuu-ish at the end. In the middle, there are tiny dashes of Yuuri/Wolfram, Gunter, Gwendal. Basically the entire harem. (Long live the harem!) But mostly Conrad.

If the dialogue at the beginning is confusing, then I've reconstructed it under the cut to make it clearer who's saying what. And if you're wondering about the symbolism and stuff, I've put in my biased ConYuu fangirl thoughts on that under the other cut. (Don't worry, I didn't "reinterpret" anything in the actual translation to make it sound more ConYuu. I keep my squealing separate, LOL.)

Happy reading :)

reconstructed beginning dialogueCollapse )

analysis and explanation of symbolismCollapse )